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Your wedding planner, Сelebride agency owner Anna Zholud

  • The main value of our century is time. By addressing the wedding planner, you have time for the most valuable things – to enjoy and get the maximum pleasure of the wedding process.
  • Celebride does not recognize the standard things: we have created a wedding in a castle, wedding for two, weddings parties, and still believe, that will not repeat anything even with our thousand client. No ready standard offers: every wedding element is created based on your vision of the event, and the unique concept from us.
  • The photographer is still sleeping, flowers had faded before the guests came, master of ceremonies lost his voice, what would you do in that case? When we plan your wedding - all you need to do is to enjoy, drink champagne, kiss the groom, and perhaps once again just to enjoy.
  • Often couples refuse to have a wedding because they are afraid of standard things of the past and the terrible contests. We promise that during your wedding no one will steal the bride, there will be no dancing on the tables without a shirt and singing songs from the distant '90s, everything will be modern, beautiful, stylish and reasonable.
  • Celebride always provides the bride with the right to choose: you can take an active part in the preparation or just enjoy the pleasant tasks: choose colors, decorations and, of course, the dress.
  • Sometimes we do more than the tasks in the competence of the wedding agency: we support the bride in the most exciting moments, support the groom and give the tissues to the parents, who have the tears of happiness. Taking care of you and your guests is our duty.
  • We help to keep the memories and let the emotions live again: browsing photos and videos made by our team.
What do we believe in?
We believe in love. The sincere, real, unique love. Love is our religion. We love life, our couples and beautiful weddings. And we are convinced that each love story deserves its unique telling. This is our job.

How Celebride agency planner works


Meeting the couple

We get acquainted closer and find out all the details of your love story, in order to develop the concept of the wedding and make your event the most personalized, special and memorable.

If you live abroad, we can meet online and plan your wedding remotely


Creating the concept

Concept - is what the whole wedding is built on. It is impossible to explain how it appears, but we do know that this is the key to your event.

Sometimes it is born based on the story about the couple relationship, love story, and sometimes - it all starts with the image of the bride. Concept is what makes your wedding a special day and it defines its every detail.


Planning a wedding

Of course, we are responsible to arrange everything. You can actively participate in the process or can only watch it. The choice is always yours.

We prepare the presentation, sketches, scenarios according to your tastes and preferences. We know how to make the wedding preparations enjoyable and exciting time in the life of couple, while all the issues and difficulties do not touch you.


The Wedding Day

On this important and happy day, we will be with you from the early morning until the end of the event. You just need to relax, have fun and enjoy every minute of your day.

We are working, you enjoy.



If to dedicate the soul, creativity, ideas, humor and love to your wedding day, it will be truly magical ... These are the secret ingredients that we add to all our events.

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