Unusual weddings' formats


Nonstandard and new solutions for wedding formats. Nowadays the brides and grooms want to admire their wedding themselves and bring positive surprises and emotions to the guests. Here are the several ideas on how to make your wedding special and nonstandard. In this article you may find the highlights of our Brides club meeting “Unusual formats of the Weddings”, which we would like to share with those of you who was not with us that day :)

Wedding for Two

Who prefers this format:

1. The couple who does not want to make a big celebration and prefers to spend this day just together
2. When the budget is very limited and/or there are other priorities

Key idea

Wedding for Two is one of nonstandard ways to spend the wedding day, which has no exact rules or restrictions. This is the day the newlyweds would like to spend just together, enjoying their new status.

Possible options of such wedding format:

1) Wedding ceremony (beautiful unusual location with participation of the wedding ceremony master), e.g. on the lake or river shore, exchanging the wedding rings and great photo session in the special wedding style. You can choose to make photo and video, and afterwards to have a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

2) Wedding for Two can also take place abroad. The couples often combine the honeymoon trip and make the photo and video session in other country. There is an advantage that the budget is spent for the trip, but at the same time the couple still gets the wedding ceremony, the wedding dress and rings.

3) In case of respective budget, the wedding for Two may be organized on the yacht, the airplane, on the roof with amazing view or even in the castle.

«The key concept of such weddings is to live this day just together and to make the main accent on your feelings and emotions; to concentrate on that moment, when you become a family.»

Family dinner or Small wedding format

Who prefers this format

This wedding will perfectly suit those, who would like to see only dearest people among the guests. And the advantage of such wedding is not always in saving the budget.

Modern couples often decide not to organize big celebrations with a lot of guests, but make smaller and cozy weddings. In this case the brides wonder f they need to invite a host to the wedding and special program of the celebrations, where there are around 10-15 people from the family circle. Of course, the answer is Yes! This will create the festive atmosphere and turn the evening into greater celebration than just the family dinner.

While choosing such format, make an accent on family stories, photos and family values. Add some heart-touching moments, prepare a short video to thank the parents, or beautiful love story of your couple. Make something special for your guests. Small wedding may be organized almost in all locations. This can be a picturesque meadow in the forest, garden house near the river, beach or the country house, cottage, or the restaurant hall.

«The main advantage of this format is that you will share your day with dearest people.»


Wedding in the forest (in the countryside, near the lake, in the garden)

Who prefer this format:

For the couple who wants to make a surprise for their guests or just dream about such a wedding. Western wedding planners and magical pictures on pinterest have made such open air weddings a real trend  But in reality this format is really complicated in terms of organization and is often more expensive than a wedding in the restaurant. It is also quite risky to make such a wedding in local climate. But still this format is possible and very popular.

1) Location for such wedding. If you choose the city, then making the private event, for example, on the bank of Dnipro river, will require to agree it with city administration, or to rent the territory of resort, private beach etc. If such wedding is planned near the city, you can rent the whole resort location or to use the part of its territory. Also you can choose the house in the countryside or a cottage for rent.

2) Service at such wedding. In case the location is at the forest, bank of the river or a park, you will need the catering services. Catering foresees the restaurant service in the chosen location. The big team of chefs and waiters, who bring the food, dishes, drinks, and provide service of such event. Good catering generally has higher price than the good restaurant service. But it is not the reason not to choose it, you just need to consider it while planning the budget of your wedding.

3) Technical support. You will need the electric generators to connect the technical devices, electricity, music and decorating bulbs, which many people like so much. Also you will need to organize other condition for comfort of your guests (the place, where you can wash hands etc.). Furniture (chairs, tables, sofas etc.) – this is big share in the budget of such wedding.

«If you consider all these aspects and organize the event correctly (and better to address the professionals to make it for you), then such unusual nonstandard wedding will be just amazing!:)»


Wedding as a party for friends

At such a wedding the main part of the guests are the friends of the newlyweds. This format will suit for the company of friends, who do not want to sit at the tables, but to sing, dance, have fun with the bride and groom  Tasty appetizers, different bars together with interesting program from the wedding host will perfectly suit this type of wedding. This format will also perfectly work with DJ, cover-band and cocktails-bar.

«The most important is to gather your best friends for such party, then it will b real fun!:)»

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