The dance of love.
Talks with the choreographer Viktoria Chernykh

Anna Zholud

Viktoria is known as an experienced teacher, acting dancer of ballroom and sports dancing, Ukrainian champion, and winner and finalist of international competitions in Germany, Austria and England.

She has been going for dancing for 14 years and does not plan to quit. And recently she has launched her own dance studio “”, which is engaged in creation of professional dances for the competitions. And also she is my friend and partner. We met to talk about first wedding dance.

- How much time does the wedding dance preparation require?
- Ideally there should be 10 classes, 10 academic hours. During 5 classes we prepare the dance and the next 5 – for rehearsals. It is good when the couples come one month before the celebration, because less time for preparation is a risky thing.

- What is needed for the classes? Any special outfit?
- Comfortable shoes for the lady or wedding shoes. And men can put on any comfortable pair of shoes for rehearsals. Also it is important to tell the choreographer what kind of dress you have, what kind of style it has, whether there is a trail and long bridal veil. Everything should be taken into account, because it will influence the number of movements, complexity of the dance, amount of turns etc. For example, if the bride has long trail, it can be pinned during the dance.

- How can a couple choose the dance?
- Everything starts with the music. I ask the couple to show a couple of tracks they like so that I could understand what style they like, what character. Then I prepare the choreography accordingly.
- What is the most popular dance for the wedding?
- This is slow waltz in its different types. What the couples do not want to do is to make experiments and some difficult choreography, because most of the brides and grooms never tried dancing before.

«The easiest dance for couples is a slow waltz or a foxtrot with the couple’s favorite song on the background, but not in the “pop-style” as it will draw the attention of the guests away from the dance»

- What is the correct way to make the photos and video of the dance?
- Ideally it should be filmed by 2 videographers, the first will capture general view to see the whole picture, and the second one will capture the faces, emotions of the bride and groom. Also it is important to choose correct location for filming. As usual this is the place where all the guests sit. There are no specific rules for the photographer, except for keeping the same location.

- Is there a need to design or buy a special dress for the first dance?
- I believe it is better to put on the same dress, which the bride wears at the wedding. But if there are a lot of surprises at the wedding, show or a couple of dances, and there is enough budget, it is possible to prepare the separate dress. The difference is that the wedding dresses are very beautiful in static position, while ballroom dresses look great during the movements and make an accent on the choreography. In this case it should be the evening dress with the elements of the one used for dancing.

«It is very important to trust your dance teacher and listen to his opinion and advice while preparing the wedding dance. You should think positively and even if everything seems difficult at the beginning, you should not worry. It you try your best, everything will be great. You can always make rehearsals and achieve the ideal way of dancing. We did not see any case when the couple could not dance at the wedding. No reasons to worry!»


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