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Who will need this service?

If you are dreaming about the wedding, but have no idea about how to start, and particularly do not know how to find the team, which will do everything professionally and creatively, you do not want to spend huge amount of time for organizational issues, and want to do just pleasant things on the way to the most important and beautiful day in your life – this service is for you.

The service includes:

  • Meeting the couple, filling in the questionnaires to reveal the needs and wishes of the couple.
  • Developing the idea and concept of the wedding, developing the general style, creating the presentation, sketches and 3D visualizations based on them.
  • Selecting of the wedding location, assistance in arranging the menu for the party and reception, selection of the wedding cake.
  • Arranging the wedding location: creating the areas (dividing the wedding location into theme zones), furniture placement, technical support.
  • Communicating with the restaurant or location staff: negotiations, agreeing on timings, food service, show, following the rules of the location during the wedding day.
  • Creating the look of the bride and the groom by the stylists of the Celebride agency.
  • Selection of the team of photographers and videographers, planning and styling the love story photoset, photoset planning for the wedding day, choosing the locations for the photoset.
  • Creating the concept of the wedding style, which includes the production of decorations, floristics and polygraphy.
  • Selecting of the wedding host and the master of ceremony, creating the scenario and timing of the event.
  • Selecting and creating the show for the wedding: communication with bands, performers etc.
  • Creating the wedding dance of the couple.
  • Support and coordination of the project during the whole wedding planning period, control of all the planning steps and performers. Our clients can follow the process of planning online.
  • Planning the budget, providing the transparent reporting on the wedding, budget optimization.
  • Coordinating the wedding day: control over the whole team and project implementation at the wedding day (from the beginning till the end).
  • Solving the unexpected situations during the day, preventing the groom and the bride, the guests from the stress and conflicts.
  • In case of need, we can help with meeting the guests and their accommodation (hotels booking, sightseeing etc.)

In you live abroad or in other city of Ukraine, we can organize a wedding for you remotely.


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