Angel. A.

"A woman should be made of love. Her every word, every step, every touch should be filled by endless happiness, which makes the world bright"

Every girl may remember herself being in love at school, at the university, when it seemed that this was exactly that most serious kind of feeling… She remembers her first kiss, first presents and flowers, first dates and relationships… But then the true love comes to her life and she cannot mix it with anything else… The proposal to be together forever and her answer “I do…” And here is that girl ready to start the new page in her life and she feels something really new and beautiful – she feels she is a Bride. Now she is one step from creating her own family, the whole world for two loving hearts. The world, which will bring her so many new and wonderful feelings…

We believe that the wedding day is the time when all the dreams of a Bride should come true. To make a big team of the wedding planner, photographer, cameramen, stylist, decorator and florist. To rent the beautiful studio. To try different dresses, shoes, hair styles and make-up, to have fun with a glass of champaign and just to enjoy the moment… to enjoy the new feeling, the feeling of being a bride, which is so long-awaited, but passes by so quickly… We spend so much time preparing for the wedding, but have no time to feel it to the fullest. We offer the alternative to being in a hurry in the morning of the wedding. Why not to catch and stop this beautiful moment? Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver