Autumn tender

Nastia and Vlad

"When the destiny unites two souls with tender, this is what love is"

Nastia and Vlad became our most tender couple in 2016.

They are together for many years and have become the one long time ago.

And finally came the day when they became husband and wife!

This is one couple of champions, since they came to us just 10 days before the wedding :) The couple lives in Dnipro city and decided to celebrate a wedding in Kiev, because it is the capital that welcomed their guests from different countries and cities. On the morning after the wedding, and Vlad Anastasia flew from Kiev to Spain for the honeymoon.

At the time of addressing us the guys had a location (not the best hall near Kiev), photographers, make-up artist, and a great desire to get such a long-awaited event. For preparing everything else we had only 10 days ... All the time during the planning was spent in Dnipro city and they came to Kiev for a couple of days before the wedding.

Nastia and Vlad did not believe that we would do everything in time will the very end, and that everything will be the way they dream! So the story is about how Kiev welcomed, and how they fell in love with Kiev! :) Well,and how we did everything in time! :)


The couple with sophisticated taste is always a great luck for us. This means that you can afford a little more than usual. First of all, we have understood that the location chosen by the couple is not matching their idea of ​​the perfect wedding, and without thinking twice, offered them a luxurious panoramic restaurant in the city center, in a house with an elegant interior, excellent cuisine and stunning views of the Dnipro and the city. The couple agreed and we changed the location. We needed to make their stay away from home as comfortable as possible, and at the same time show Kiev in the best way.

The morning of Nastia and Vlad began in a hotel in Podol, the historic part of Kiev, and the couple went for a walk on the retro car. Then they had a walking tour with photographers and videographers in the central and the most beautiful streets in Kiev. The green hills, beautiful cozy streets of Kiev, and so happy and in love Nastia and Vlad – it was a great photo session!

After the registration all the guests and the couple went to a restaurant. We decided to organize the ceremony on the terrace so that all the guests could admire not only the bride and groom, but also the views of Kiev :) Even the weather helped us, and despite the entire week was gloomy and cold, the sun was shining during day of the wedding of Nastia and Vlad:) Great bright floral decorations in the area of ​​the ceremony seemed like dancing in the air, elevating the feelings and emphasizing the festive atmosphere. The beautiful wedding hall perfectly matched with elegant banquet invitations and cards that were designed and created by our calligrapher. But what was the most important during the evening are the guests Nastia and Vlad: the parents, the most be loved ones, the friends: sincere, smiling and happy! Then there were gifts and greetings, tears of happiness, cake and a lot of dancing till the very morning! :)

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There is no need to talk too much about the atmosphere of the event, all can be seen in the photos :)

I would like to thank Anastasia and Vlad for total trust to our team, without it this wedding would not become the dream, which came true! :) Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver