On the sky shore

Anton and Lucy

«Love is like a sea, shining with the colors of sky. To come to the shore and to feel the amazing energy of the whole world is what happiness is all about. As no shores are seen in the sea, no shores the love has»

The couple

Beautiful, happy, young, well-educated, goal-oriented and energetic. This is the couple I am proud of. Despite being very young, they have managed to travel around the world, to study in several universities abroad and change a couple of occupations. But what is most important – they found each other.

Lucy and Anton, and their love story…


Love story

They had met in Kiev by chance just a couple of days before Lucy moved to China. This event divided their lives to “before” and “after”. The days spent together became unforgettable and important to them. But later Lucy left, while Anton was completing his Master course in Poland, then studied in Sweden and had training in Hungary. He was planning to spend New Year holidays in Germany together with friends, but changed the decision for Lucy, who was coming to Kiev for vacation.

“We celebrated New year together, and then Anton said: “Since now we should be together. And we started living together in Kiev”.

In some time Anton needed to go back to Budapest for work matters. And on his birthday Lucy decided to make a present for him and came to Budapest. They spent a month in Budapest, went to Belgium for vacation, and celebrated Lucy’s birthday in Prague. Everything was wonderful, but work separated them again. According to the contract Lucy needed to go back to China.

“I remember how we were saying “good bye” at the Budapest railway station. I looked into Anton’s eyes and understood that he was about to cry. That very moment he went away. And I was crying in the train :) We definitely did not want to say good bye”.

Within next 8 months they were separated. Lucy was teaching English in China, and then travelled in Asia. Anton continued working in Budapest, and afterwards moved to Slovakia. The couple was communicating all the time and was missing each other a lot. When Lucy’s contract matured, they decided to move back to Ukraine.

And now we and making the love story photo-session for them and planning the wedding party together with the couple.


«Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel»

Now the couple is sure that nothing can separate them. They definitely know that love has no shores and borders…


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