The cinema night

Yaroslava and Aleksey

Just on the first meeting with Yasia and Lesha the wedding got the title "The cinema night".

As always, I asked the couple to tell the story of their relationship, and it turned out that they have met at the festival "Cinema Night", and since then have never parted. I decided that we definitely need to reflect this romantic story in their wedding :)

Love is a prize received without efforts

Sometimes at the beginning of the planning the bride and groom do not know what kind of event they want. But Yasia and Lesha knew: they dreamed of a wedding and ceremony in the forest.

We found a suitable place in the forest area near the city, created the concept of design in soft white, milk, green and brown shades, added the light floristics and candles.

Providing the guests with something like ticket to the movie seemed too simple idea, and our calligrapher prepared the hand-made invitations with the text: "We are waiting for you at our wedding "The cinema night." So we prepared the guests to the fact that everything will be not according to the standard scenario.

When all the guests were in the hall, and besides the numbers and cards with seats, we provided the plaques with the program of the evening.
“19:30 - Movie
20 :00 - Ceremony
21:00 – First dance
22:00 - Cake“.

At the beginning of the banquet we showed a silent movie on the big screen, to create the intrigue for everyone. And when the clock showed 19:00, the most heart-touching and so sincere movie suddenly appeared on the screen...


When it became a bit darker, a host invited everyone for a little walk. The guests were surprised, but still left the complex, where the celebration took place, and followed him. Somewhere in the forest they saw the light of the bulbs, indicating the destination point and the road to the ceremony was shown by candles. After going through it, the guests were at the night wedding ceremony of Yasia and Lesha and took their seats. The host handed the microphone to the close friend of the groom and the bride. When Yasaa and Lesha said the long-awaited “I do”, the friend sang a song for them, at the end of which the couple and their friends made a dance flashmob :) It was incredibly amazing and unexpected, even for me :)

The real ceremony in the heart of the forest, on the magic meadow, under the summer sky full of stars. This was the dream of the couple and it came true at that very moment. At the end of the ceremony, when the guests returned to the area of the restaurant, Yassa and Lesha became alone and quietly, said to each other the important warm words, promises of love and always be together. This is just the beginning of the movie, a movie about true love, and we are sure that it will have a happy scenario! :)

This is just the beginning of the movie, a movie about true love, and we are sure that it will have a happy scenario! :) Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver