The Magic side of Love

Julia and Aleksey

"To love is to be delighted by happiness of another"
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

The couple

There must be nothing more romantic than to see a man doing his best to make his beloved one happy. And it is not about the age, it is all about the attitude. Aleksey was that special kind of groom, who wanted to create the most beautiful, unforgettable and happiest day for his beloved Julia. In order to make her dream come true, he was going into very details of the wedding planning process, was helping to choose the most suitable decorations and flowers and was fully involved into all organizational issues. Despite having the leg injury, he was trying his best to learn the first wedding dance, attended all the classes and was really excited to make Julia the happiest bride in the whole world.

There is absolutely no need to describe Julia’s feelings – her inspired and happy eyes say much more than words…


The Wedding

Aleksey and Julia came to us just three and a half weeks ago before the event. By that time they did not decide on what kind of decorations and flower styling to choose, did not prepare the wedding dance, the bride and the groom style, and the main thing – they did not have the concept of the wedding. The couple wanted to create something unusual and really special for their day, but it was really difficult to find time in their busy working schedule to do all the necessary preparations. When they asked me to help them, it was a real challenge for me and all the team, but we managed to cope with the task and exceeded all the expectations, as the couple told us afterwards.

When I met Julia for the first time, I imagined her style as a bride at the same moment. The idea to emphasize her beauty by adding the bright scarlet color and to create an image, which would combine the classics and modern styles, came at once. It was that particular case, when the wedding concept was crystallized out of the image of the bride. The couple wanted to create something simple, but at the same time elegant and sophisticated. We were inspired by Toscany theme and Marsala color (which was definitely the trend in 2015) and created the concept.

The styling made of linen, straw, wood and natural garden type floristics and the grapes was the key idea. The chosen location of the wedding was near the city and had quite laconic and cozy design, that is why such a concept of decoration perfectly matched with the exterior of the place and emphasized the beauty of nature in autumn.


The Wedding Day

Julia and Aleksey spent the morning of the wedding day at the location, where the wedding took place. They stayed in different rooms and were preparing for such an important day in their lives. Aleksey’s friends joined him in his room and organized the small impromptu hang-over party, while Julia was preparing together with her mother and closest friends

When all the guests gathered for the wedding ceremony, Aleksey was already waiting for Julia near the arch. It is impossible to describe his admiration, when he saw his beloved Julia for the first time on that day! She was incomparably beautiful and happy while walking to meet her future husband! The couple prepared the wedding vows to be pronounced at the ceremony. The vows were written by them in advance and kept in a secret before the ceremony. These heart-touching and emotional moments of the wedding ceremony will remain in the memory forever…

Aleksey and Julia chose romantic waltz for their first dance as the newlyweds. The guests were full of admiration while the couple was dancing!

Despite there was a party hall for the main part of the event, the guest liked the photography zone so much that surprisingly the wedding continued on the open air. The light bulbs, small sofas made of straw, pillows, pictures, flowers, wine and cheese bars together with September warm air created such an atmosphere, that the guests spent the whole evening and even the night there. The wedding of Julia and Aleksey was very dynamic and there was so much fun that the guests were dancing and celebrating till the morning!

The newlyweds took care of all the guests several months before the wedding and prepared the special gifts for everyone: the small jars with jam for girls and Georgian red sauce for guys. We only decorated each jar with the logo of Julia and Aleksey’s wedding and the card for the guest to thank them for becoming the part of the day. All the guests were really impressed by such kind attitude.

Aleksey and Julia had the celebration they were dreaming about and spent one of the happiest days in their lives! We are more than glad to have become the part of this event and made the dream of this wonderful couple come true :) Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver