The wedding party

Alena and Eugene

"Love is happiness, which we give to each other"

Alena and Zhenia are young, active and cheerful couple guys, with an unusual story of relations :) It is about the romantic letters, gifts, dates, and marriage proposal in a balloon, despite being afraid of height :)

These relations had a lot of challenges, but love won and now Alena and Zhenia are together forever.

To find out what their wedding party was like, read more.


"We do not want to have a standard wedding like everyone else have", "We do not want a wedding with strange contests, host, inappropriate jokes", "We do not want the standard things", "We have been at many weddings of our friends, and this was not what we want to have at our wedding "," Can the wedding be in the way we want?"- this is a list of questions and objections that every modern couple have while preparing for the wedding. Nobody wants to make your day full of strange rituals, no one wants to wake up at 5 am to run to the the registration office and do a photo session near the sightseeing spots :) All this, fortunately, is in the past. Today's weddings are totally different.

We create every wedding on the basis of the story of a couple, their preferences, expectations, wishes and even characters. In the case of Alena and Zhenia the wedding party format was ideal option :)

First of all we found the location: creative and "non-wedding" space matched the couple’s taste. The loft exterior was complemented with the decorated in the bride's favorite colors. Alena turned out to be a brave girl, and our stylist has created not the typical look of the bride for her, but bright, and even a little extravagant. Zhenia also did not want to put on the classic look, and our men's stylist picked an outfit for him. I am always happy when the bride and groom understand there should be harmony in everything and why it is needed for the wedding :)

As for the program, we invited a young energetic host who easily found the contact with both the newlyweds and their cheerful guests. From the formal parts of the wedding there was just a ceremony. Still it is difficult to call the such a heart-touching moment - a formality:)

Then - funny activities from the host, and dance battles, where all the guests participated with great pleasure. The bride and groom had fun together with the guests dancing with the Dj sets, and their wedding dance (not prepared) Alena and Zhenia danced, having chosen a lyrical rap music.

In general, the whole day was a real party of the noisy and close friends company. The bride and groom were not in a hurry, did not worry, and enjoyed every moment of their wedding.

Yes, the wedding can be like this :)

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