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Inna and Sergey

"The ultimate happiness in life is being confident that someone loves you"

Very often, at the beginning of the wedding planning process the brides are full of strength and energy and unreal hopes that the wedding planning means just to select all beautiful things: a dress, a restaurant and flowers :)

But, as the experience shows, the organization of weddings is a real complex time-consuming processes that requires at least skills and experience in this area. Not to mention the understanding of all the issues and tasks, peculiarities of locations, scripts, style, having a good team and the ability to manage this team.


The bride Inna came to us a couple of weeks before the wedding, being completely confused and desperate that all whom she addressed previously to arrange the wedding services, did not listen to her and imposed something different. I was surprised. During our conversation with Ina, I have listened carefully to all of her wishes and fears, calmed her, and we promised that the team will make exactly what she wants.


We quickly developed the concept of design: decoration, floristics and polygraphy for Inna and Sergey, taking into account all the wishes of the couple. Also made the timing and helped to select the missing experts for their wedding by offering them the best stylist and videographer from our team.

The bride was very happy with the result, but what was the most important thing is that during the last week before the wedding (and wedding day as well!) Inna was absolutely calm and happy. Just because she knew that all was under our control, and that on the wedding day everything will be beautiful and well. Even the clouds, that suddenly came up in the sky in their wedding morning, did not disturb us: we brought beautiful white umbrellas for all the guests in case of rain.

In general, my dear girls! Ordering a wedding planning or any other our service, you also get the support and help, get the confidence and calmness. And what can be more important than this before the wedding? :) Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver