We are one

Sveta and Sasha

"Love is the harmony of two freedoms"

When you look at these pictures, you feel the warmth and light in your soul, as if you are at home. Sveta, Sasha and little Mishaare just amazing.

They are so sincere, real, loving. The holiday, which you will see on the photos–is not a wedding. It is the celebration of the wedding anniversary of Sveta and Sasha with their close friends, and their son Misha :)

After all, who said that it is possible to celebrate love for only one time? :)


We offered the celebration in a cozy house near Kiev. Thick forest away from the city and eco-friendly wooden houses, were a complete unity with nature and relax :)

Friends of the couple, who were invited to this event, received beautiful invitations in advance, and out team have done the job to make this day beautiful like in a fairy-tale. We rented the gentlest dress and invited a stylist for Sveta, while Sasha prepared as well. Theguests were welcomed in the cozy house with fireplace and luxuriously decorated table. Again it is worth to say about the harmony and unity of the concept, and how important it is when all the things match each other: the look of the groom and the bride. the location and decorations, and even polygraphy (by the way, as usual, it was a handmade by our calligrapher).

The couple had a photo session,they walked, looked at each other with loving eyes and were waiting for the arrival of guests. And then, there was a dinner with friends.


The wedding day is a bright burst of emotion in the life of each couple, and in a few years, they want to live through them again, believe me.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a good occasion for this. Especially when among the guests you have your kids :) These moments are unforgettable ...

Shall we celebrate your love? :)

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