Wedding in the Castle

Anastasia and Vladislav

"Love is readiness to spend the eternity together"

The bride Anastasia cane to us for 5 days before the wedding, during the high of wedding season, and said she wanted a very personal and special event just for two. We are used to the challenges made by the couples or the circumstances, but the preparation time of 5 days was a real record for us.


We considered a lot of locations for this wedding: the botanical garden, roofs, restaurants, yachts, but it was not for them. The difficulty was that Saturday, September the 3rd became one of the most popular dates in 2016. According to the bride's idea, the whole wedding day was supposed to become a surprise for the groom Vladislav and Nastia really wanted to surprise him.

After talking with the bride and having listened to all her wishes, I offered to celebrate a wedding in this old castle. As soon as I showed photos of this location, Nastya was amazed and the wedding celebration location was chosen.

On the wedding day, after the official registration of the marriage was over, which was done in the circle of the closest people, Anastasia and Vladislav came to the castle...

There they enjoyed a beautiful and delicious dinner outside. The romantic atmosphere was created by the saxophonist playing, favorite music of the couple, great weather and the incredible beauty of the castle. After the dinner, the couple took pictures for a while and walked around the area, and then there was a ceremony. This wedding ceremony, but not in the common meaning. It was important to focus on the intimacy of this special day in the life of Anastasia and Vladislav. That's why we did not invite the ceremony master, and gave the opportunity for the bride and groom to stay alone. When it became darker, the couple went to the ceremony area, and told the most important words to each other. It was quiet, without any cameras, with the music of the saxophone and under a beautiful autumn sky. It was one of the best weddings: so sincerely, just for two!

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Anastasia and Vladislav were dancing, laughing, and even cut their wedding cake, as it is usually done during the wedding day :) The event became a 100% surprise for the groom. This day was exactly the same as Anastasia dreamt about. It was a real celebration of two loving people becoming a family. It was a day without rules, without standard things, a day where everything was dictated by the heart and soul. And, of course, they will remember the wedding day forever. Tel. Viber / WhatsApp +38 093 077 0886 Ukraine, Kiev, Sportyvna sq. 1a, BC Gulliver